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Investment Consultancy and Investment Support
- Investments in Germany, location scout in Berlin and in the New Federal States
- We also accompany you to banks and help you in realizing your requests
- Public-Private-Partnership-Projects

Classic Consultancy
- Reorganization- and Conflict Consultancy
- Account Analysis
- Development of Companies
- Business Plans

Studies / Expertís reports
- Feasibility Studies
- Market Analysis
- Scientific Reports
- Location Scout and Analysis

Representation in the Capital Area
- Especially small-to-medium-sized companies which have no headquarters in the capital area
- Organization of Corporate Function & Perfomances
- Early-Warning-System at EU-directives at federal state and state bills or at order drafts

- Requests related to the EU-East Expansion
- Application to grants and financial supports
- Lobbying in Brussels

Public Authority and Offices
- By our networks we help with application forms for financial supports, with the realization of environmental directives or do your visits to public authorities in general

Combination of Supply and Demand
- According to the theorem of the early economist Say that each supply provides its demand, we encourage you as supplier or demander  to get your business partners as quick as possible

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