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The team consists of regular employees, a number of regular partners, agencies and suppliers, as well as of freelancers.
You will always reach the Managing Director of the Weitesfeldt GmbH - Dr.Dirk Obermann - as your personal contact person.

Dr. Dirk Obermann, as an economist (PhD, topic: "Problems of employment in small-sized companies, is your expert in matters of political or economic requests and projects. Obermann worked for some years in the industrial sector, was a lecturer at the Technical University of Berlin afterwards, and worked then as cabinet head of division and Chairman of Staff at the Ministry of Economics of the State of Brandenburg. At the latest he was Member of the Managing Board of the Chip factory Communicant Semiconductor Technologies AG, the biggest private investment in Germany at present.

Jürgen Lemke-Kreft made his degree for German language, literature and for politics in Berlin. Since 1988 he is busy in the field of Human Resources.
For 13 years he was working for the Ford Motor Company in various positions - 6 years as HR-Manager. The last two years he has been Vice President Human Resources for Communicant AG in Brandenburg. Since May 2003 Lemke-Kreft is co-owner of Weitesfeldt and responsible for all Human Resources issues.
His industrial experience of 15 years in several HR-affairs, additional experience as Honorary Judge for labour law for 5 years make him a real expert for all Human Resources issues.

Stephan Ulrich is sociologist with long experiences in politics. He has had further experiences at the Ministry of Economics of the State of Brandenburg. At the latest he was "Specialist for Public & Governmental Affairs" at an industrial enterprise. He is your expert above all in matters of market analysis, as well as in socio-political and socio-cultural questions.

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