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The Weitesfeldt GmbH constantly verifies the contents of the website. However, some data may have changed in the meantime. The Weitesfeldt GmbH assumes no responsibility or guarantee for any up-to-dateness, correctness or completeness of the information provided.
     The Weitesfeldt GmbH is not responsible for any of the contents or subject matters of those websites which are only taken up as a hyperlink. The Weitesfeldt GmbH reserves the right to make modifications and to change the information content at any time.
     The contents and the structure of the website are legally protected and proprietary. For copying and duplicating any information or data, especially for using or copying texts, part of texts or graphical material you are obliged to get the permission of the Weitesfeldt GmbH in advance.

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       Dr. Dirk Obermann Geschäftsführer der Weitesfeldt GmbH | Politik - Wirtschaft - Kommunikation - Sport | Berlin